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In This Issue:
Crime Stoppers Update
Upcoming Events
WCC History
File iconWCC 2014 Activity Report.pdf
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Wichita Crime Commission 2014 Year in Review
File iconWCC December 2014 Newsletter 2.0.pdf
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December, 2014 Wichita Crime Commission/Crime Stoppers of Wichita Sedgwick County Newsletter
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November 2014 Wichita Crime Commission/Crime Stoppers Newsletter
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October, 2014 Wichita Crime Commission & Crime Stoppers News Letter
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Follow this link to download the September, 2014 Wichita Crime Commission Newsletter.
Welcome to VINELink. America’s number one victim notification network. VINE has been providing information for decades, allowing these individuals to have the sense of security that they deserve.
Follow this link to view information on the calls Wichita Police Officers respond to each day. You can also find WPD's daily Arrest Reports on this page. Click on the MEDIA tab to view PDF files of each report.
Follow this link to search for inmates currently incarcerated in the Sedgwick County Jail.
Follow this link to view the Wichita Police Department’s crime statistics for the City of Wichita.